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Series 10

The HiSpec Safety Wheel – Safe, Stylish and Durable

Only Hispec Wheel and Tire offer Improved Clamp Force Technology (ICF) on all aluminum trailer wheels. We offer the safest wheel in the industry by providing ICF, a revolutionary set of engineering and design principles that ensure a bullet-proof joint between the wheel and the hub. 

OEM engineering practices and standards imported from Detroit, advanced 3-D CAD for detailed engineering, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are utilized by HiSpec to produce an elegant and superior product. With over 50 years of Detroit engineering experience, the HiSpec team brings depth and experience unmatched in the specialty trailer industry.


  • ICF, Improved Clamp Force Technology, makes your first torque your last.
  • Clean Line Design- Safe, Stylish and Durable 
  • Aluminum wheel is lightweight and rustproof.
  • Lifetime structural and 1 year cosmetic warranty.
  • Multiple colors and finishes available, including Extreme Environmental Coating (EEC)


Sizes & Specs

104554514 x 5.55 x 4.53.19″81.0mm2040 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
105654515 x 65 x 4.53.19″81.0mm2150 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
105665515 x 66 x 5.54.25″108.0mm2860 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
106765516 x 6.56 x 5.54.25″108.0mm3640 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
1067865HD16 x 6.58 x 6.54.90″124.5mm3960 lbs+0mmJ1/2″ – 9/16″
107786517.5 x 6.758 x 6.54.90″124.5mm4850 lbs+0mmHC1/2″ – 9/16″
1077865+5817.5 x 6.758 x 6.54.77″121.2mm4850 lbs+0mmHC5/8″