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Series S5

This 13″ x 5″ trailer wheel has a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern and a 3.19″ pilot diameter. The rustproof aluminum wheel features a unique design with black detailing. Improved clamp force technology ensures that wheel stays in place.


• Aluminum wheel is durable, lightweight, and rustproof
• Hi-Spec Series 08 design with black interior is unique and appealing
• Front and back of wheel are clear coated
• Improved clamp force (ICF) technology helps to keep wheel securely in place
• Bulletproof joint created between wheel and hub when properly installed
• Eliminate the need for constant retightening of lug nuts
• Center cap is included
• High-quality wheel meets DOT specifications


Sizes & Specs

S510654510 x 65 x 4.53.19″81.0mm1765 lbs+0mmB1/2″
S52444012 x 44 x 4.02.80″71.0mm1220 lbs+0mmB1/2″
S52454512 x 45 x 4.53.19″81.0mm1520 lbs+0mmB1/2″
S53554013 x 54 x 4.02.80″71.0mm1660 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S53554513 x 55 x 4.53.19″81.0mm1740 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S54554514 x 5.55 x 4.53.19″81.0mm2040 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S55554515 x 55 x 4.53.19″81.0mm2150 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S55654515 x 65 x 4.53.19″81.0mm2540 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S55655015 x 65 x 5.03.19″81.0mm2540 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S55665515 x 66 x 5.54.25″108.0mm2860 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S56765516 x 6.56 x 5.54.25″108.0mm3580 lbs+0mmJ1/2″
S56786516 x 6.58 x 6.54.90″124.5mm3640 lbs+0mmJ1/2″ – 9/16″
S567865HD16 x 6.58 x 6.54.90″124.5mm3960 lbs+0mmJ1/2″ – 9/16″